It’s the story of a man who lost his memory, of his family who accompanies him and of a photographer who follows them.  Eric, who was married with 4 children, had been ill for almost 10 years.  I started photographing Eric and his family just before he left home to live in a nursing home.  That was 2 years before his death.

I would visit him once a week with a member of the family.  Eric forced me to slow down, to breathe and observe.  I just had to be there, with out any plans or projections, feeling my way through and following my intuition. 

It was my first relationship without words, my first project without a pre-defined goal.

At the beginning I thought I was embarking on a very different project about time and memory. 

But I soon realised how essentially alike it was. Like my other work, it is about imperfection and fragility yet also celebrates the strength and optimism needed to make a castle out of rubble.

Sometimes the blackest black yields the brightest beams of light.